We were inspired to create SOZO in the Fall of 2014. The thought of designing our own unique creations and sharing them with others was a constant motivation to stay focused. After a year of research, testing, tweaking, and more testing, we wanted to get some feedback from you. We created ClassyStache and Borderland as separate outlets to release creativity in different expressions under the SOZO umbrella. Each brand has it’s own personality, scents and language.

SOZO proudly uses 100% soy wax  for both ClassyStache and Borderland. Soy wax is a natural and renewable resource derived from soy beans. Many candle companies use paraffin wax which often creates a significant amount of black soot that collects on candle jars, walls and other surfaces within your home. Paraffin is derived from petroleum and contains 11 carcinogenic toxins which are released when burned. Our 100% soy candles are eco-friendly, renewable, American grown, sustainable, carbon neutral,  and actually burn 50% longer then paraffin candles.


Discover the brands of SOZO


Borderland Handcrafted Candles –You can’t escape the beauty of nature, and neither can we. We might be a little bit nerdy, however, we just can not help but to be inspired by the colors of sunsets, the textures of mountain peaks, and the ancient charm of Redwoods. Okay, we’re nerds. But in those moments of awe we want to take a piece of nature back with us – now we can. Our fragrances are found in nature and we believe that the perfect candle can bring calmness, nostalgia or creativity to any room. And that, my friend, inspires us.[hr]

black-classystache72ClassyStache Handcrafted Candles – Have you ever wanted a candle as uniquely awesome as you? ClassyStache seeks to test the boundaries of the status quo by releasing the full creative potential of imagination.  We are not tied down by “industry norms” but rather give them a respectful nod as we attempt to innovate the next generation of handcrafted candles. Our goal is to create unique candles with unique scents –  candles that go hand in hand with a great novel and your favorite hot beverage. ClassyStache is for individualists – the creators, the artisan souls – and that inspires us.[hr]