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We created ClassyStache and Borderland as outlets to release creativity in different expressions under the SOZO umbrella. Each brand has it’s own personality and language. ClassyStache is a trendy hipster brand that pushes the boundaries of the candle industry. Borderland is a timeless brand that captures a simplistic beauty by combining minimal design elements with contemporary and classic scents.



SOZO Candle Company proudly uses 100% soy wax  for both ClassyStache and Borderland. Soy wax is a natural and renewable resource derived from soy beans. Many candle companies use paraffin wax which often creates a significant amount of black soot that collects on candle jars, walls and other surfaces within your home. Paraffin is derived from petroleum and contains 11 carcinogenic toxins which are released when burned. Our 100% soy candles are eco-friendly, renewable, American grown, sustainable, carbon neutral, and actually burn 50% longer then paraffin candles.